RUNWAY: DSquared2 SS19

"Oversized" is ubiquitous in today's fashion lexicon and so to describe Dean and Dan Caten's footwear for DSquared2's SS19 as oversized would be an understatement. The XXL sized footwear anchored a collection that was a chicly done version of disheveled paratrooper, with flowy trousers, rakish vests over drape-y tees or even a tracksuit, for when these haphazardly dressed troopers go to exercise. Not much is ever too serious for these Canadian twins and so this collection with its fun tropes was a nice reprieve from the sometimes all-too-serious runway shows.

HM-_D2_SS19_A HM-_D2_SS19_B HM-_D2_SS19_C HM-_D2_SS19_D

HM-_D2_SS19_E HM-_D2_SS19_F HM-_D2_SS19_G HM-_D2_SS19_H

HM-_D2_SS19_I HM-_D2_SS19_J HM-_D2_SS19_K HM-_D2_SS19_L

HM-_D2_SS19_M HM-_D2_SS19_N HM-_D2_SS19_O HM-_D2_SS19_P

HM-_D2_SS19_Q HM-_D2_SS19_R HM-_D2_SS19_S HM-_D2_SS19_T

HM-_D2_SS19_U HM-_D2_SS19_V HM-_D2_SS19_W HM-_D2_SS19_X

HM-_D2_SS19_Y HM-_D2_SS19_Z
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