German mega-label Hugo Boss traveled to Florence to showcase its sporty label, Hugo. The result melded some big trends in fashion such as athleisure with branding and fluidity, both in the cuts but also gender. On that last point, many of the pieces could easily be worn by either sex while athletic-minded pieces like the cycling shirts, gym bags and patterned garments all evoked a street-friendly aesthetic, one that could be layered or easily removed and replaced quickly to keep up with the wearer's busy life.


For Spring/Summer 2019, OAMC offered a laid back collection that focused on texture and fluidity via metallic fabrics, scrunched and folded to create almost bulbous proportions while transparent layers added dimension. The tailoring was also of note with contradicting but complementary cuts, taut on top, looser on the bottom or vice versa; it looked youthful and fresh, as did the light color palette in shades of white and black.


Wolf iconography is to be expected at Wolf Totem given the label's name but what was less expected were the rhinestone accents and the futurism-meets-streetwear aesthetic for SS19. There were colorful patterns of florals and other shapes, akin to graffiti, while a blend of technical fabrics littered the collection, such as the one used to create a jacket.

RUNWAY: Wolf Totem SS19

Todd Snyder's SS19 collection had a relaxed vibe to it, from the simple graphic tees to the lounge-y cuts to his laid back version of tie-dye that resembled clouds. While there were tailored aspects to the collections, they were not as memorable as the sportier aspects, whether it was the collaboration with Champion or Kangol hats, there was a lot to consume here; which we gather is exactly what his parent company wants. As for the branded flip flops that looked quite similar to that of a very popular streetwear/skateboard label....we'll leave that to their respective legal departments to mull over.

RUNWAY: Todd Snyder SS19

Americana was dissected and put back together with raw edges at N Hoolywood's Spring/Summer 2019 collection while fringe brought a Native American vibe that felt in line with the label's exploration of American life. The raw edges, of course, could be a metaphor for the seams that bind America together falling apart while layers upon layers of fabric offered customers plenty of product from capes in tartan to athletic-inspired tees.

RUNWAY: N. Hoolywood SS19

Country living and summer love are on display at Linder's Spring/Summer 2019 collection with beautiful intarsia knits, jaunty hues and a laid back melancholy vibe that's evident in some of the accessories such as jewelry that asks "wait for me" while "boyfriend" is stitched to the collar of a knit.

RUNWAY: Linder SS19

Malibu, the quintessential SoCal city, known for its beaches and a celebrity haunt, is the inspiration of Parke & Ronen's SS19 collection. The label, which shows only once a year to highlight their swim and casual sportswear, offered beach-ready pieces and a cool, laid back California vibe, complete with skateboard accessories, cerulean-hued outfits and knits for night time bonfires on the beach. For Parke & Ronen, life is literally a beach and they wouldn't have it any other way and they continue to create a lifestyle vibe that many want to emulate.

RUNWAY: Parke & Ronen SS19

In today's hyper digital age where the world is literally at the tip of your fingers, with a few clicks or swipes, you can get information (or disinformation) and connect with your friends and family in an instant. Yet, as studies continue to show, people are feeling more lonely. That's what Feng Chen Wang's latest collection aims to tackle: the desire for connection. This manifests itself via mixed media outfits that are merged together or baseball caps that say "half" as if searching for one's other half, or in a more colloquial term: their "lobster", a la Friends. In all, the collection's languid layers paired with the flushes of color were pleasing, as was the collection's theme and subject matter.

RUNWAY: Feng Chen Wang SS19

There was a lot happening at Willy Chavarria's Spring/Summer 2019: pre-show Chavarria offered a close up of his collaborative collection with Danish label Hummel as 7 models did sprints and stretched as the guests were herded in. They stayed on the runway and kicked off a two-part collection that was full of social references and activism. His main line collection was full of late 90s, early 2000s nostalgia with visages of the Twin Towers and a commentary on the state of America via upside down motifs seen on the 90s preferred label: Polo Sport. Meanwhile oversized denim were tucked into Timberland boots - a clear nod to the trend during that time. The commentary did not stop there, of course, US Representative Maxine Waters - the longest running African American Congresswoman and foe to the one who shan't be named - was plastered on a tee with "fighter" written over her in bold lettering. Circling back to the Willy Chavarria x Hummel collection: it's a collaboration that will first be used to clothe undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers, the labels will help to ensure these people who need aid will get it. Though Chavarria may not be a household name yet, his authentic viewpoint and fighter attitude will prove that he will definitely be one of the more influential designers to come out of NYFWM.

RUNWAY: Willy Chavarria SS19