RUNWAY: M1992 SS19

Oil and its strangle hold on society is the starting point of M1992's latest collection. The label took on a dystopian future where oil and its manufacturers have ravaged the world and polluted everything from the oceans to the air. It's a very heavy topic but one that's not too hard to imagine and the resulting collection was very strong with its rakish styling and oversized tailored while the all-gold outfits added an extra level of kitsch, since oil is considered black gold.

HM-_M1992_SS19_A HM-_M1992_SS19_B HM-_M1992_SS19_C HM-_M1992_SS19_D

HM-_M1992_SS19_E HM-_M1992_SS19_F HM-_M1992_SS19_G HM-_M1992_SS19_H

HM-_M1992_SS19_I HM-_M1992_SS19_J HM-_M1992_SS19_K HM-_M1992_SS19_L

HM-_M1992_SS19_M HM-_M1992_SS19_N HM-_M1992_SS19_O HM-_M1992_SS19_P

HM-_M1992_SS19_Q HM-_M1992_SS19_R HM-_M1992_SS19_S HM-_M1992_SS19_T

HM-_M1992_SS19_U HM-_M1992_SS19_V HM-_M1992_SS19_W HM-_M1992_SS19_X

HM-_M1992_SS19_Y HM-_M1992_SS19_Z HM-_M1992_SS19_Z1 HM-_M1992_SS19_Z2

HM-_M1992_SS19_Z3 HM-_M1992_SS19_Z4 HM-_M1992_SS19_Z5 HM-_M1992_SS19_Z6

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