RUNWAY: Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture SS12

Dirk Bikkembergs has always been a bit of an outlier with his Sport Couture line and it always takes a bit of an open mind to digest it but once you do, you realize his innovation. For SS12, his sport of choice swimming, or to be more specific: diving. No doubt inspired by the upcoming Summer Olympics in 2012 (like Vivienne Westwood for her SS12 collection), Dirk showed terry cloth blazers and flowy "warn up" pants and some bodysuits, all in a day's wardrobe for some of the world's best divers. The final looks however were a standout and showed that under the kitschy qualities of the collection lies super sharp tailoring.

Dirk SS12a Dirk SS12b Dirk SS12c Dirk SS12d

Dirk SS12e Dirk SS12f Dirk SS12g Dirk SS12h

Dirk SS12i Dirk SS12j Dirk SS12k Dirk SS12l

Dirk SS12m Dirk SS12n Dirk SS12o Dirk SS12p

Dirk SS12q Dirk SS12r Dirk SS12s Dirk SS12t

Dirk SS12u Dirk SS12v Dirk SS12w Dirk SS12x

Dirk SS12y Dirk SS12z Dirk SS12za Dirk SS12zb

Dirk SS12zc Dirk SS12zd Dirk SS12ze Dirk SS12zf

Dirk SS12zg Dirk SS12zh Dirk SS12zi Dirk SS12zj

Dirk SS12zk Dirk SS12zl Dirk SS12zm Dirk SS12zn

Dirk SS12zo Dirk SS12zp Dirk SS12zq Dirk SS12zr

Dirk SS12zs Dirk SS12zt Dirk SS12zu Dirk SS12zv

Dirk SS12zw Dirk SS12zx Dirk SS12zy Dirk SS12zz

Dirk SS12zza Dirk SS12zzb Dirk SS12zzc Dirk SS12zzd