RUNWAY: Gazzarrini FW12

Gazzarrini's Fall/Winter 2012 collection had a strong focus on elongated necks, in the form of wide and almost overpowering turtlenecks and mock-neck jumpers. Save for those pieces, the collection's high-waisted and cropped pants created an interesting silhouette, paired with a sun-bleached pastel color palette. Gazzarrini was right on trend with the use of fur trims and a return to luxurious dress, rather than hiding one's own wealth because of the uncertain financial climate.

Gazzarrini FW12a Gazzarrini FW12b Gazzarrii FW12c Gazzarrini FW12d

Gazzarrini FW12e Gazzarrini FW12f Gazzarrini F12g Gazzarrini FW12h

Gazzarrini FW12i Gazzarrini FW12j Gazzarrini FW12k Gazzarrini FW12l

Gazzarrini FW12m Gazzarrini FW12n Gazzarrini FW12o Gazzarrini FW12p

Gazzarrini FW12q Gazzarrini FW12r Gazzarrini FW12s Gazzarrini FW12t

Gazzarrini FW12u Gazzarrini FW12v Gazzarrini FW12w Gazzarrini FW12x

Gazzarrini FW12y Gazzarrini FW12z Gazzarrini FW12z1 Gazzarrini FW122

Gazzarrini FW12z3 Gazzarrini FW12z4 Gazzarrini FW12z5 Gazzarrini FW12z6

Gazzarrini FW12z7