RUNWAY: Songzio SS12

Songzio shocked us when we saw the models strut down the desolate and barren runway with neon yellow hair. Though it did create a good contrast when compared with the monotonic color scheme of the collection. Songzio's sharp, and sometimes avant-garde, tailoring played heavily with fit this season with certain pieces tailored to perfection while others draped and hung on the body like a piece of loose fabric. The footwear was also interesting, to say the least.

Songzio SS12a Songzio SS12b Songzio SS12c Songzio SS12d

Songzio SS12e Songzio SS12f Songzio SS12g Songzio SS12h

Songzio SS12i Songzio SS12j Songzio SS12k Songzio SS12l

Songzio SS12m Songzio SS12n Songzio SS12o Songzio SS12p

Songzio SS12q Songzio SS12r Songzio SS12s Songzio SS12t

Songzio SS12u Son zio SS12v Songzio SS12w Songzio SS12x

Songzio SS12y Songzio SS12z Songzio SS12z1 Songzio SS12z2

Songzio SS12z3 Songzio SS12z4 Songzio SS12z5 Songzio SS12z6

Songzio SS12z7 Songz o SS12z8 Songzio SS12z9 Songzio SS12z10

Songzio SS12z11