Q. Why don't you post fashion week pictures for womenswear?
A. Because the focus of this blog is for menswear and the models who show them off on the catwalk, in campaign images and editorials.

Q. I'm looking a certain model/designer but there are too many posts. How can I find everything you've posted about him/them?
A. You can either search use the search feature or click the labels underneath each post.

Q. I'm a photographer, model, stylist (etc) and want to submit my work. Do you have any criteria?
A. Yes, all models must be with a modeling agency. Model Mayhem pages are not sufficient. If there is nudity, it must be tasteful and every submission must be accompanied with credits, from publication (if applicable), photographer, model(s), stylist(s), etc. Lastly, all submissions must be in high quality or the highest quality possible. Once you're ready to submit your work, click here.

Q. Why are fashion shows held about six months in advance?
A. Here's how the fashion cycle works: designers show their collections at least 6 months in advance during fashion week so retailers, buyers, and editors can see what they have to offer and can then go decide what they want to sell or feature in their stores or magazines, respectively. The 6 month advance also allows the fashion houses a few months to manufacture the clothes before they hit the stores.

Q. I want to be a model, can you help me?
A. No. Submit your photos to one of the many modeling agencies around the around but submit them to local agencies first. Also, some agencies do open calls and if you live in a city where an agency does that, go and try your luck.