RUNWAY: Gucci Resort 2019

Fog machines gave Alessandro Michele's latest collection for Gucci an eerie vibe that set the tone for the collection of extravagantly accentuated clothing, all shown in the South of France for the Florentine label's Resort 2019 collection. Hints of macabre also shined through the haze while Michele's penchant for covetable and expensive accessories included teddy bears, studded bags and opulent capes, rounding out a collection that was, for the most, quite gender neutral.

HM-_GR19_A HM-_GR19_B HM-_GR19_C HM-_GR19_D

HM-_GR19_E HM-_GR19_F HM-_GR19_G HM-_GR19_H

HM-_GR19_I HM-_GR19_J HM-_GR19_K HM-_GR19_L

HM-_GR19_M HM-_GR19_N HM-_GR19_O HM-_GR19_P

HM-_GR19_Q HM-_GR19_R HM-_GR19_S HM-_GR19_T

HM-_GR19_U HM-_GR19_V HM-_GR19_W HM-_GR19_X

HM-_GR19_Y HM-_GR19_Z HM-_GR19_Z1 HM-_GR19_Z2

HM-_GR19_Z3 HM-_GR19_Z4 HM-_GR19_Z5 HM-_GR19_Z6

HM-_GR19_Z7 HM-_GR19_Z8 HM-_GR19_Z9 HM-_GR19_Z10

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