GmbH's latest collection was transformative and authentic in the way it tackled heavy topics such as the immigrant experience during a time of such divisive politics. This manifested itself in a mishmash of colors, fabrics, and cuts - from vivid reds to earthy tones to patent leather to cotton and from taut to oversized - which all coincided with the label's true mantra this season: survival.

HM-_Gmb_HSS19_A HM-_Gmb_HSS19_B HM-_Gmb_HSS19_C HM-_Gmb_HSS19_D

HM-_Gmb_HSS19_E HM-_Gmb_HSS19_F HM-_Gmb_HSS19_G HM-_Gmb_HSS19_H

HM-_Gmb_HSS19_I HM-_Gmb_HSS19_J HM-_Gmb_HSS19_K HM-_Gmb_HSS19_L

HM-_Gmb_HSS19_M HM-_Gmb_HSS19_N HM-_Gmb_HSS19_O
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