RUNWAY: Gucci Cruise 2017

Gucci, the epitome of Florentine fashion, showed its Cruise 2017 collection at the London's iconic Westminster Abbey for an expansive collection that melded men's and women's wear, a preview of its new model of combining the two into one cohesive collection. For the pre-Spring collection, there were influences from British culture like mod references but the bulk of the collection is unequivocally Alessandro Michele with a flurry of animal motifs and an abundance of embellishment, with many pieces worn by the differing sexes.

HM GC17a HM GC17b HM GC17c HM GC17d

HM GC17e HM GC17f HM GC17g HM GC17h

HM GC17i HM GC17j HM GC17k HM GC17l

HM GC17m HM GC17n HM GC17o HM GC17p

HM GC17q HM GC17r HM GC17s HM GC17t

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